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Just thinking out loud but…

Emma and Graham kissed, and then Graham died.

Emma and August were close, and then August turned completely to wood, only to sacrifice himself and then be turned back into a boy.

Emma and Neal mended their friendship/relationship (or at least came to an understanding…I don’t know how to put it, but they were at a decent place by the end of it), and he died.

I’m just saying, I think Killian should maybe watch his back or something.


Yup…Glee still makes me angry.



i dont know if im more like aladdin or the genie in this photoset

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And I have to stop scrolling through my dash, because I keep going between the “NOOOO” feels of Neil dying last night, and the “THIS SHIP SAILS ITSELF” feels of Outlaw Queen.  


Also…not that it has shown up in my dash, but I have gone through Newsroom twice now, and my opinions have gone from ‘Don is a total ass,’ and ‘Jim is the good guy’ to ‘Don is an ass, but at least he is honest with himself and knows he is one’ and ‘Jim is a bit of a conceited prick.’  I think I need to see it a third time through.  



I haven’t

              f o r g o t t e n


The hug was the closest thing Killian had that looked like a goodbye to someone he loved


but he still didn’t say goodbye, because he thought this was welcome back


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I can change, Bae. For you.



Graham/August/Neal dying in front of Emma's eyes

Was this necessary???



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First and last time together